The world of clothing for breastfeeding mums has changed dramatically in recent years. There are now many beautiful breastfeeding tops available to make breastfeeding easy and discrete, particularly if you are out and about.

Women can now opt to breastfeed, without compromising their sense of style. The nursing tops that are now available come in a multitude of styles, fabrics and colours.

A popular choice, particularly in summer, are strappy feeding tops, with an easy-unclip clasp on the strap to allow the front section to drop down. Many have a modesty panel behind. When buying these tops, check that the clasp is sturdy and decent quality – there is nothing worse than your top popping open!

Wrap tops are great both during pregnancy and for breastfeeding, as the wrap-over panel can be used for discretion whist feeding. This is an extremely versatile style, that can be dressed up for smarter occasions or worn with jeans or casual pants for a more relaxed look.

Wrap dresses are also fantastic for pregnancy and breastfeeding and work in the same way. These are great for work or a more formal occasion, or can be dressed down with boots and a jacket for a casual look.

Another fantastic innovation are breastfeeding tops with a second lift up panel – they look exactly like a normal top, but have a second layer over the breast area that lifts up to reveal a matching panel with feeding openings – brilliant!

Tie-front tops are just that – tops that tie at the front but open to reveal feeding opening. As with wrap tops the additional fabric can be used for modesty.

I recommend trying a couple of different styles and seeing how you get on – don’t spend a fortune as you won’t need them forever, but also don’t compromise on quality and style. If you breastfeed for a year, you will be wearing your breastfeeding tops a lot!

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Which styles have worked best for you?

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